Book Review: Introduction to NLP

Submitted by: Chris

Book: Introduction to NLP – Joseph o Connor &; John Seymour

URL of Resource: (publishers)

Focus: Self development

Price: $17

(What was your experience? Successes, disappointments): Useful, accessible first step to NLP – covers confidence building, goal setting, and easy enough to read on the underground.

Rate It!
On a scale of 1 to 5: 4

Easy to Understand
(1=no 5=yes): 4 – Occasionally gets a bit technical

Easy to Use
(1=no 5=yes):3 – Can be a bit tricky to re-visit useful sections quickly

Would you use it daily?
(1=no 5=yes):3 – More of a textbook than a day-to-day reference, but one that’s worth keeping on the shelf for another read.

(1=worst 5=best): 5

Inspiration (1=least 5=most): 4


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