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How to Use Diigo

by Tracksuit CEO

In preparation for our talk at SXSW and eBook, we’ve been compiling info on our blogging practices and favorite webdiigo_2.jpg apps. I have to say, one of the most useful and robust tools we use right now is Diigo. We use Diigo for TrackSuit CEO and for our corporate clients, we also use it for our personal bookmarking. I think our entire team has switched from Del.icio.us to Diigo, and not in a show of solidarity, but out of sheer convenience. Diigo is like Del.icio.us on steroids and if they were brothers then Diigo would definitely be the less popular (but much smarter) younger brother.

Here, in no particular order, are a few ways we use Diigo that you could apply to your everyday blogging/web surfing right away:

Online Bookmarking: Just like Del.icio.us, you can save your bookmarks online, instead of just on your browser which may not be with you at all times. If you log onto your computer at work you can still access your bookmark to that article explaining the meaning behind Chocolate Rain.

But, unlike Del.icio.us, you can right-click and save that link or send it all over the place. Here’s a screenshot:

diigo right click

Sharing Links: See that “add sticky note” above, when you select that you can save it into a group folder that you either make public or private. Then you can invite people to that group or you can just keep the folder to yourself. I use folders to organize ideas and projects.  For example- I have a folder called “SXSW eBook” where I put links and include my ideas about those links in the sticky notes. For our corporate blogs we put links in specific folders with our client’s names on it. This is how we line up stories for our writers. We will put in 3 or 4 links and notate each one with commentary like, “ties in nicely with Scoble’s quote on digitization”. You get the point, we put our commentary and suggestions in there and let one of our writers take it from there. It’s a managing editor’s dream come true.

Notating Web pages: This is one place where Diigo is way ahead of its time. It may take a little while for this to catch on but when it does it will truly be the new way of looking at the Internet. Have you ever wanted to leave a comment on a web page that doesn’t allow for comments? Or would you like your comment in a more prominent place than comment #15 at the bottom of the page (“keep scrolling…..there’s my comment”). Diigo lets you do that. You highlight the text and leave a comment on a sticky note, then when you (or other Diigo users) mouse over it, there’s a popup of your commentary. What better way to support or refute something someone has written than putting it right there next to the quote?

This is where a PR company might go to work to manage the image or reputation of their client. There are so many possibilities I don’t even have room to go into all of them. But you see what I mean about Diigo being Del.icio.us on steroids right?

Blog This: Is one of my favorite features and is a great way to publish a quick blog post as soon as you read the article you want to quote. When the TrackSuit Family’s Gotta Go is an example of the Blog This feature being used on this blog. I had an extra minute or two while doing research for our trip to NY when I found a service called Mizpee that shows you all of the nearby public restrooms and then rates them. I highlighted the text and photo, right clicked and selected “Blog This”. ‘Voila!’, an almost instant blog post. If you haven’t already set your blog up in Diigo it will prompt you. The set up takes just a minute and then you can choose whether to publish right away or save as draft for future editing.

Daily Blog Post: The TrackSuit CEO is a huge believer in the value of links in blogging. High quality, topical links are the backbone of any blog worth its salt. My business partner and I do link lists, or link roundups, for all of our clients. These are a compilation of links that pertain to the client’s industry; some bloggers call them ‘News you can use’ because the links are recent. These lists can be used to promote traffic and they also establish the blogger as an expert in their field.

Another thing that Diigo can do for you is automate this process with the ‘Daily Blog Post’ feature. Here’s how you do it:

  • Go to the Daily Blog Post page.
  • Select blog(s) from the blog list on the left (or start by entering “Add a blog”).
  • Click “Add a new job” to create a posting job – No codes insert needed!
  • You’re then given the choice of displaying your Annotations only, all, or just links.
  • With Diigo’s “transparent” web-annotation platform, your readers can click and view your annotated webpages with your public highlights/sticky notes even without any Diigo toolbar installed!

And the way we ensure the links that get published are the right ones is with tags. In the “Add a new job” form is an “Only these tags” field, in that field you put the tag you want. So when you’re “Diigo-ing” something (saving it/sharing it) you are given the option of adding distinguishing tags. If we were saving something for a daily TrackSuit CEO post we would use the tag “TrackSuit CEO”. This way we can all contribute to the link lists and the publication is still automated.

And if, by now, I haven’t convinced you to go and at least try Diigo out, then just watch the video “There is no shelf“. Diigo makes a prominent appearance in here and the video itself is incredible.

In case I haven’t told you a million times already, TrackSuit CEO will be at the 2008 SXSW Interactive and we’re going to be talking about Diigo, among many other things, that make our blogging experience more enjoyable. So if you can make it, we’re having our session on Sunday March 9th and we’re expecting a great crowd and a lively discussion.

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TrackSuit CEO will be at SXSW Interactive

by Tracksuit CEO

Back in August I wrote a post asking you, my readers, to vote for my panel proposal Blog on Company Time Without Getting Dooced. I am pleased to announce that because of your votes and support, I’m going to be leading a CoreSXSW Interactive 2008 Conversation on the topic of keeping your blog and career intact, simultaneously. I couldn’t be more psyched about it and am telling anyone who will stand still enough to listen. Core Conversations are not really panels, or even mini-panels, they’re discussions that are lead by an expert on the topic (the expert being me, of course). My co-expert/co-presenter is also my business partner and contributor to this v. blog; the TrackSuit monk himself, SacredWest.

Somewhat contrary to the title of the conversation, we don’t really believe that you have to blog while on the clock. Ross “Sacred West” Hunter and I both practice blogging/blog collaboration techniques that allow us to blog rapidly and efficiently. If you’re using our techniques, you’ll be able to maintain your blog with posts and links on a regular basis with very little time invested. Some of your posting can be done, with a few clicks of the mouse, while you’re actually browsing the internet.

Want to know how to do all of this? Come to our discussion at SXSW on March 9th. It’s a Sunday so you don’t even have to miss work. But if you simply can’t make the conference then keep an eye out for the eBook we’re compiling. This will be the definitive resource for people who want to maintain a successful blog, for fun or profit, without sacrificing the security of their day job. We’ll show you how to get traffic, create loyal readers from that traffic and then monetize your blog in ways that will give you multiple streams of income.

I’m also really excited about collaboration on this discussion and eBook. I’m talking to the talent behind PoshDeluxe.com (if you haven’t read it, then go immediately) right now about contributing and if any of you are interested then shoot me an email. Also, if you’d like to get the first crack at our eBook then sign up for the TrackSuit newsletter:

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or just…


TrackSuit CEO will be at SXSW Interactive March 9 at 11:30

Come join the conversation on Blogging on Company Time

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The 10 Commandments of Supporting Your Family

This is the first in my series called the 10 Commandments of Supporting Your Family. These are in no particular order of importance and have yet to be carved on stone tablets. But if they ever do show up in tablet form you better believe I’m gonna smash them up Moses-style!

The First Commandment: To Support a Family You Need a Support System10-commandments-of-supporting-your-family.jpg

Recovering alcoholics are really onto something. They’ve discovered over at AA that they can accomplish more with a support group in place than they can working individually. Their struggle with addiction seems a lot more manageable knowing that they’re not alone in their struggle. They have a small community of people facing similar circumstances and these people will also hold them accountable for their actions.

So where’s the support group for those of us who support our families? Where are the Mom and Dad support groups? And what should these support groups even look like?

I set this blog up for people like me: parents who are reinventing the role of parenthood and approach it all in a revolutionary new way. There are certain things we can learn from our parents but, let’s face it, most of the rules we are making up as we go. And reinventing parenthood is not for the faint of heart, we need support.

Past generations have had their extended family as their support systems. They’ve spent their whole lives in the same community and the support is built-in. There were babysitters, fellow parents to compare notes with and a professional community to network within. The problem us new parents are facing is we don’t live in the communities we grew up in. We have moved off to make our own way in the world and therefore have to start from scratch.

Just as we’ve chosen to make our own rules for our families, we also have to build our own network of support. The good news is we aren’t the only ones looking to build a support system. Like-minded folks are all around us and we just need to reach out.

I’ve seen a pattern lately with my fellow baby-daddies. These are dads who are young, dedicated and who absolutely refuse to grow up. We’ve done a lot to hold onto our youth in spite of our new parental responsibilities but we’re having trouble identifying with our old friends. A dad I spoke to yesterday is finding it increasingly difficult to have a conversation with his old buddies. They call him up, tell him how trashed they got last night and then ask him what he’s been up to. What did he do last night?

  • He got home from work
  • Read the kids stories in bed
  • Fell asleep before David Letterman’s monologue

What could they possibly have in common now? We may still listen to the same music but we’ve changed our schedules and our priorities.

I’m working on my own solution right now. Me and a couple of other dads are going to start a happy hour and my ultimate goal is to form a sort of dad collective from it where we combine our resources, skills and experience to benefit the group as a whole. The recovering alcoholics have AA and us dads are going to have SSS.

If you’re a dad in the Austin area who’s interested or you just want to know what SSS stands for then contact me.


TrackSuit CEO will be at SXSW Interactive March 9 at 11:30

Come join the conversation on Blogging on Company Time

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