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TrackSuit CEO will be at SXSW Interactive

by Tracksuit CEO

Back in August I wrote a post asking you, my readers, to vote for my panel proposal Blog on Company Time Without Getting Dooced. I am pleased to announce that because of your votes and support, I’m going to be leading a CoreSXSW Interactive 2008 Conversation on the topic of keeping your blog and career intact, simultaneously. I couldn’t be more psyched about it and am telling anyone who will stand still enough to listen. Core Conversations are not really panels, or even mini-panels, they’re discussions that are lead by an expert on the topic (the expert being me, of course). My co-expert/co-presenter is also my business partner and contributor to this v. blog; the TrackSuit monk himself, SacredWest.

Somewhat contrary to the title of the conversation, we don’t really believe that you have to blog while on the clock. Ross “Sacred West” Hunter and I both practice blogging/blog collaboration techniques that allow us to blog rapidly and efficiently. If you’re using our techniques, you’ll be able to maintain your blog with posts and links on a regular basis with very little time invested. Some of your posting can be done, with a few clicks of the mouse, while you’re actually browsing the internet.

Want to know how to do all of this? Come to our discussion at SXSW on March 9th. It’s a Sunday so you don’t even have to miss work. But if you simply can’t make the conference then keep an eye out for the eBook we’re compiling. This will be the definitive resource for people who want to maintain a successful blog, for fun or profit, without sacrificing the security of their day job. We’ll show you how to get traffic, create loyal readers from that traffic and then monetize your blog in ways that will give you multiple streams of income.

I’m also really excited about collaboration on this discussion and eBook. I’m talking to the talent behind PoshDeluxe.com (if you haven’t read it, then go immediately) right now about contributing and if any of you are interested then shoot me an email. Also, if you’d like to get the first crack at our eBook then sign up for the TrackSuit newsletter:

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TrackSuit CEO will be at SXSW Interactive March 9 at 11:30

Come join the conversation on Blogging on Company Time

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