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How to Turn the Tables on Life

by Sacred West

Did you ever wonder why all the great tips on how to succeed seem to involve doing something opposite to the way the normal world thinks you should? I’m going to give you the underlying secret to why this is so. You can learn, here and now, how to make your own tips for success.

The secret is: Everything works opposite to how we thought because we have it all backwards. Reality really is like the red pill in the Matrix. Just take the pill, and reverse your vision.

The secondary part of this principle is this. There’s no hidden cosmic law – out there – of how to manifest things. In reality, everything in our minds is already here. What’s missing is that we don’t see clearly what’s in our minds, and so we don’t know how to change authentically what’s in our minds.

Everything we grasp for is forced to flee away from us. Like the mirage and the end of the rainbow, what we desire has to keep moving away because desire itself only manifests more need. Feeding desire is the surefire way towards emptiness of satisfaction.

The way to manifest something is to be that thing, and give it away. How does this work with, say, wanting more money?

Save your spare change in the car. At the intersections where the homeless people beg for money, pull out a couple of bills and give it to them. Be sure to look them in the eye, and wish them – sincerely – a good day. What they want more than money is to be treated like a human being, actually, so be sure about that last part, or you’ll fail in the exercise.

The exercise, by the way, is to change yourself, not the outside world.

This exercise will increase your WEALTHINESS, and real wealth only comes to real wealthiness. There is no spoon. The martial arts practitioner knows that the board is already smashed before the fist connects.

Are you getting the picture? Do you see that success is preordained on the inside first, but not with make-believe surface thinking, only with real change?

Prosperity can only settle on you, you can’t seize it. You can encourage it to come to you, and you can do this quite deliberately. I can give you loads more tips, or you can make your own by reversing your needs-based thinking into surfeit-based planning. How would you truly feel if you were already full of the thing you want?

Practice this new power of success in the material world, and soon let’s look at success in your own heart. Since we’re turning the tables on our life’s lot, let’s go straight for happiness itself – even better than money, right?

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