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How a family of 4 can stay in NYC for $80 a night

by Tracksuit CEO

A week ago the TrackSuit family and I were in NY. This was the first time we had been back since we moved away about 5candy-hostel.jpg years ago. Now I realize why we hadn’t visited: we knew it would make us want to move back. What is it about that city? Things can be so difficult there; so arduous, so expensive, so time/energy consuming. But then you look around you and it’s obvious that you’re in the center of the universe. The greatest things are there at your fingertips and you’ll meet more amazing people in a day than most people meet in a year. There’s nothing like it and we’re already planning our next trip out there. This is partly because of the magical time we had there with our daughters. This is also because of where we stayed.

The last time we came to NY as tourists the hotel we stayed in was $250 a night, which is not bad for NY. But this time we did a little research and found “Candy”, which the owners refer to as a boutique, but is really more like a hostel for adults. Now we were a little apprehensive at first after reading some of the reviews and then we found out it’s an illegal hotel that was allegedly shut down.

Well, to our pleasant surprise, the bad reviews were all wrong and the place was definitely in business. The rooms are spartan and small but the ceilings are very high and it has large windows that actually open. The place supposedly has wi-fi but I didn’t try out the signal. There are computers in the lobby with internet access for a few dollars. There’s also a lounge with a plasma tv and sofas with beautiful European tourists draped everywhere.

So how do you book this place? First you go to Hostel World and book your room. I called ahead (212-865-1414) and told them I would be traveling with my wife and 2 children. They recommended I book the 4 bed mixed dorm for 4 occupants (that way you actually book the whole room) and when we got there we could upgrade from the 2 bunk beds to 2 double beds. The cool thing is that when we got there the guy at the front desk didn’t even charge us for the upgrade (and he let us check in 2 hours early).

So I have to say the TrackSuit family recommends Candy for our fellow urban travelers. It’s definitely not for the resort-going set, but then again, neither is New York.

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