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TrackSuit CEO, Where ya been?

by Tracksuit Dad

After being offline for quite a while now the TrackSuit CEO is back and is now better and stronger because it will now be a blog collective. TS CEO will now feature regular posts by heretofore guest author Sacred West whose posts are always inspiring and thought provoking. Sacred West brings advanced Buddhist learnings and savvy business skills to the table and I’m thrilled to have him. TS CEO will also feature a dear old friend of mine (and current colleague) Eric P. Metze, who manages more blogs on a daily basis than most of us can read in a week, and that doesn’t even include his websites/web services.

We all decided to form this collective because we are all TrackSuit CEOs.

What is a TrackSuit CEO? It’s someone who approaches life and work in a new and different way – striving for professional success while, at the same time, focusing on the spiritual side of things.

In my particular case I juggle: a family (of 4) and a career, a day job and lots of client work. It’s a careful balance between working stiff and entrepreneur / careerist and family man / bohemian and CEO /etc. etc.

So this is a repository for our various projects, ideas, rants/raves and learned insight/lolcats. Having said all that; this is an informal setting and if you’re interested in contributing, regularly or occasionally, then let us know. We’re also open to new ideas for stories or reviews.

And, of course I’m still here: The TrackSuit CEO.