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Save The World More Not Less

By Sacred West

Seth Godin, the great marketer, makes a point we should all pay attention to, the difference in appeal between the words “more” and “less”, and he ties it to the looming ecological disaster we all dread.

We all worry about the disappearing habitat and the onrushing ecological disaster, and we all want to reverse this. So how then to act for the best? How to communicate, how to advocate, how to engineer, how to lobby, how to think?

The mantra of “less” which is a natural offshoot of carbon-footprint thinking, combined with the mantra of “less” which is a natural offshoot of overfishing, combined with…

I’m more and more convinced that the best hope for the eco movement is to tell a story of efficiency and growth and ingenuity. More is easy to sell. Less almost never is.
Getting sad at Whole Foods (more vs. less)

Yes. It will take heroic strength of nerve not to break under the sadness of what is happening to the world as we turn to work towards the solution, if there even is one.

But to be successful we will have to bring abundance, and brightness, and energy to the desperate tragedy. Great strength of nerve. More is easy to sell.

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