Are You a Ninja or Pirate Questionnaire

Ninja or Pirate Questionnaire

(1.) the Beatles (1 pt.) -or- Elvis (3 pts.)

In a fight who would win?:

(2.) Shark (3 pts.) –or– Crocodile (1 pt.) [photo sequence here]
(3.) Monkey (1 pt.) –or– Robot (3 pts.)
(4.) Godzilla (1 pt.) –or– King Kong (3 pts.)

80’s-90’s music:

Which is better:

(5) AC/DC (3 pts.) –or– The Cure (1 pt.)Which sucks worse:

(6.) Van Halen with: David Lee Roth (3 pts.) –or– Sammy Hagar (1 pt.) –or– Love/Hate Both (2 pts.)

Domestic Matters:

(7.) Toilet paper on the roll: underhand (3 pts.) –or– overhand (1 pt.)

(8.) Domestic Beer (3 pts.) –or– Imported Beer (1 pt.)

Social Network: (Read the Newsweek article on this one)

(9.) MySpace (3 pts.) –or– Facebook (1 pt.) –or– Friendster (0 pts. disqualified!)

If you had to choose:

(10.) Bill O’Reilly (1 pt.) –or– Rush Limbaugh (3 pts.)


Now tally up your points and click on the number that is closest to your total

10 pts.15 pts.20 pts.25 pts.30 pts.


3 responses to “Are You a Ninja or Pirate Questionnaire

  1. But pirate? Ninja?? What does it mean??

  2. thetracksuitceo

    Graybear: Pirates and Ninjas represent the basic human personality types. Did you take the questionnaire?

  3. I did–and I should have read further in your posts for the respective descriptions.

    Still don’t know if a nautical ninja is what I want to be . . .

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