Scotty (& Danny) Want an Interactive Panel

By Daniel Hope

What if employers encouraged workers to set up Facebook accounts?
What if employees used their LOLcat browsing time to promote their company’s product?

That is precisely what Scotty Iseri and I are proposing in our panel: The Value of Wasting Valuable Company Time.

Daniel-Hope plus-icon-150x150scotty iseri

This is a very exciting topic and it’s one that employees and employers need to be talking about.  Employers are increasingly encroaching on their worker’s personal time.  Scotty put it well when he said that if employers expect workers to answer their Blackberry at home then they should expect their employees to answer personal email at work (at the very least).

So what happens when employers and employees sit down at a table to discuss this topic?  What are the gives-and-takes?  Will employees and management ever see eye-to-eye?

That’s what we will find out at SXSW 2010.  So please go now and place your vote for our panel, it’s going to be a blast!

Vote here:  The Value of Wasting Valuable Company Time


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