World’s Ugliest Cat

This is my cat:



24 responses to “World’s Ugliest Cat

  1. WanderingAuthor

    Heh. I thought you must be posting about this recent news story about an ugly cat. Looks like they’re related, though.

  2. this cat is so adorable i think he’s the most cutiest cat in the world. Also i think he wants to say just kill me now but i really think hes cute

  3. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww are u serouse well it dosent really matter what they look like its how much there loving.

  4. dawn i never seen something that ugly but its the unikness that makes it prety

  5. ewwwwww!!!!! that is the uglyiest cat who would ever want that i would be scared if it was even in mi house pore cat it look like it got tasered lolz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XDDDDDDDD:PPPPPPPPP

  6. Just because It doesnt look like a normal cat, dosnt mean its ugly. I bet whoever posted this is ugly.

  7. Omigosh!omigosh!omigosh! It looks like a hedgehog with a cat’s head! But if you stare in his eyes he does look a little cute… YUP call me CRAZY!LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLOL1

  8. I think that i am goimg to puik on that thing

    lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

  9. owh poor him. why does he become ugly? did u feed him well?

  10. its not ugly at all its kinda cut its so sad it has to
    live like that


  11. that is the scariest cat i have ever seen in my whole life!!!!!!!!! but it might be nice?

  12. this cat is realy cute i feel bad for it tho


  14. this is the ugliest cat i ever seen in my whole 65 years of living!!

  15. Hey! This cat looks like me!

  16. I have to know what kind of cat this is. I thought I had seen everything. There is no ugly cat in my world.

  17. I seriously have tears in my eyes they should at least name it and give it a family it shouldnt be called the ugly cat thats so mean i wanna hug it better 🙂

  18. fag

  19. {ugh} so ugli need a family like 1 ov yu pelople

  20. i feel so sorry for it n it looks like my cat but with less fur n bigger ears but my cat is cute n so is this one XD

  21. you should feel sorry for it

  22. Still it looks better than my wife…

  23. good grief… that’s a cat?! it looks like a cross between a bat, rat and kangaroo all messed up with a cat’s face.

  24. This cat is like mag said my cat is so way cuter.

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