Diigo launches Version 3

Diigo announced the launch of their V.3 which I’m very excited about.  See my comment below on TechCrunch’s review.  FYI, I made this post using Diigo’s Send To Blog feature.

Diigo Revamps Social Bookmarking Service with v3.0 

"Diigo is explicitly pitting itself against Delicious by stating: “in the battle field of social bookmarking 2.0, we believe only delicious and Diigo are still strong players, with Diigo clearly the leader in terms of features and innovations…People who have seen both Diigo 3.0 and delicious 2.0 also think that we are far ahead of delicious 2.0.” Sounds like Diigo’s trying to play David to Yahoo’s Goliath."

  • Tracksuit CEO Comment

    "I made the switch to Diigo when I began building my team of bloggers. Since then I’ve won everyone I talk to over to Diigo’s robust approach to bookmarking and annotation. It’s apparent that Diigo was founded by researchers because, unlike Del.icio.us, you are able to grab more than just that line-and-a-half of text. I compare Del.icio.us to AOL in it’s early days, as bookmarkers mature they will gravitate from accessibility and simplicity to Diigo: the Google of online bookmarking."


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