Lunar New Year 2008

By Sacred West

Happy Lunar New Year everybody! Today is February 7th and this begins the Lunar New Year for 2008. In China they’re calling this the Year of the Rat , but for me it’s just the new year. I told you back in December I was on the Lunar New Year, and recommended it to you then in my post No Stress At Christmas With the Lunar New Year – did you follow my advice?

My brothers and sisters in the Shambhala Buddhism lineage will be celebrating Shambhala Day today:

“SHAMBHALA DAY marks the beginning of the New Year, and represents one of the most important traditions of Shambhala Buddhism. Based on the traditional Tibetan New Year’s celebration of Losar, the day is calculated astrologically according to the Tibetan lunar calendar, and changes every year to coincide with the annual lunar cycles.”

But for me it’s simply and modestly another day of sunshine and uplift, except this one is gathering the new year up in its arms as the world keeps turning and Spring approaches.

This is so much nicer than having your New Year at December 31st/January 1st. People at this time always talk about the old year as if they want to throw it away or leave it behind, and somehow start a magical new life in the new year. This always seems such wishful thinking to me, needlessly wasteful, and pretty much doomed to fail.

For me now, this year past is not thrown away, it still contains all of its energy and vitality. The old year remains swift and full of strength, and seems to hand this force to the new year today, like a powerful runner handing the baton to the fresh team member. What a better way to change years.

What is so nice about starting your new year at this time is the feeling of spring being just around the corner. Remember back in the Christmas holidays when it was so cold and dark? The parties were great, but, oh how good it was NOT to have to make resolutions for a new year as well.

How good it was to wait until now, when the days are lighter and milder, and spend yesterday evening reflecting on some of the last year’s surprises and achievements, and this morning give some energy to plans for the future.

Hey, it’s not too late for YOU to change your new year to the Lunar, we all have to start sometime. Why not take this day as the beginning of your New Year?

Then next year, on January 26 2009, we can all meet again and see how we feel about the impending Year of the Ox.


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