How To Get a Job By Ignoring It

by Tracksuit Dad

Being in the right place at the right time isn’t something you can force.

It just happens when you keep busy. Effortlessly.

A Message From the Universe

Doesn’t it seem like you can work on accomplishing one goal endlessly without results, until of course you’ve abandoned that goal. That’s becausesubway-musicians.jpg when we force things the energy doesn’t flow well. The message you’re sending out is one of desperation and nobody wants to be around a desparate person. When I used to ride the Subway in New York I never wanted to give money to the guy who would crawl on his knees from one end of the car to the other pleading “please, I’m so hungry, soooo hungry”. Sure you feel for the guy and you’ll give him a few bucks now and then, but the guy you really want to give money to is the doo-wop guy:

Doo-Wop Guy: Excuse me sir, what time is it?

TrackSuit CEO: (looks at watch) It’s 9:30.

Doo-Wop Guy: No it’s not, it’s doo-wop time.

And then he launches into a doo-wop medley with his 2 buddies singing harmony. They make you smile, they entertain you and look at that, they’ve each got a cup unassumingly extended in your direction. And those guys make a killing, at least as far as subway entertainment goes.

So how do you make things happen without seeming desperate?

By staying busy doing things that give you energy and that are in line with your overall goals. Say there’s a job you really want. Well, just go apply for it, get your foot in the door, interview and forget about it. Once you’ve put it out there that you want that job then go do something else. Go apply for another job or go do an art project with the kids. Get your mind off of the job you want and miraculously things will happen and it may not be that exact job. But it will be as good or maybe even better. And that as good/better job will be magnetically attracted to you because you’re having fun, you’re happy, you’re a subway doo-wop singing rock star! I would hire you.

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2 responses to “How To Get a Job By Ignoring It

  1. Good post. I agree that employers have a sixth sense for desperation in potential employees.

  2. I agree. It does seem that desperation is death. Coolness has its rewards.

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