The 10 Commandment of Supporting Your Family (Part 2)

fancy-t.jpghis is the second commandment in the 10 Commandments series. The first Commandment was: To Support a Family You Need a Support System. So here’s the second commandment:

You have to be willing to do anything, so that you can do everything.

By that I mean you have to be eager, hungry and open to any possible way to support that family of yours. And your mindset will put you in the perfect position to receive. You don’t have to scrub toilets at the bus station, but you have to be willing to. And that willingness goes a long way in this world!

Here’s an interesting example of how this works. A friend of ours just got a new job and while he was training he just mentioned that he was10-commandments-2.jpg probably going to take on another job in the evenings or on the weekends to support his new family (he has a new baby). The next thing he knew, the big boss (who he never told any of this to) brought him into his office. The boss told him that he likes his energy and knows he is going to be good in his new job and because the more money my friend makes the more the boss makes, he asked him not to think about taking another job. Instead he cut him a big fat personal check, not a loan, just a check. Something to alleviate the urgency to get some fast money until the commission checks start rolling.

So you see how that worked? He put it out there that he has to support his family and made it clear that he’s willing to work long hard hours to do this. And out of the blue he gets a check handed to him, meeting his immediate needs and he’s reassured that his long-term needs will also be taken care off. All in one fell swoop.

Why is it all so simple but none of it intuitive?

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One response to “The 10 Commandment of Supporting Your Family (Part 2)

  1. Loved the post.. Impressive

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