Are You a Ninja or a Pirate?

News Flash: The Pirate or Ninja Personality Test is now ready!

You know the part in Pulp Fiction where Uma Thurman’s character states that you are either an ‘Elvis man’ or a ‘Beatles man’. I couldn’t agreeninja-versus-pirate.png more but I prefer to classify people as either Ninjas or Pirates. My wife recently blogged about this and our friend Kathleen introduced a new variable into the equation: Monkey or Robot.

So I decided to run with it and have created the Ninja or Pirate Personality Test. But be warned, you will begin to put everyone into one of these two categories: friends, loved ones and coworkers. It could bring you closer or possibly end in a keel-hauling or beheading.

So which one is better? Well, I’ll leave that up to you. Everyone falls into one of these two categories but not everyone is a Ninja or a Pirate expert. Learning more about Pirates is easy. They’re all around us, go watch Pirates of the Carribean, that’s swashbuckling on the high seas at its finest. And the absolute best resource for learning more about Ninjas (or Ninja to all the true enthusiasts out there) is where the Ninjas all wail on electric guitars and flip out and kill people.[1.]

So if you want to know which one you are come back tomorrow for the beta release of the Ninja or Pirate Personality Test.

[1.] Ninja Fact #3


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10 responses to “Are You a Ninja or a Pirate?

  1. There was nothing in Pulp Fiction about Elvis vs. Beatles fans – Mia just says (in speaking of Jackrabbit Slims) “an Elvis man” would like it.

    I’m an Elvis man, myself. And a Pirate.

  2. thetracksuitceo

    I guess I need to rewatch it but will probably still remember the Elvis vs. Beatles comment even if it isn’t in there. It’s just the way my mind works.

    Check back tomorrow for my questionnaire. We’ll see if you’re really an Elvis/Pirate/whatever other dynamic I decide to introduce!

  3. oneandonlyhypnos

    I look forward to that personality test. Funny youtube clip by the way.

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  5. I remember a long time ago G4TV made a special video with a ninja and a pirate war. It was pretty cool. A pirate fleet invaded a beach and the ninjas were in a forest further down the beach. Then all out war. I can’t remember much about it because I was much younger. But yeah, it was cool.

  6. with out taking your test i would say i am a pirate coz i am a care free person and i don’t care about what happens tomorrow i live for today and thats it!!!!
    it would be to see what your test holds, i will for sure take it and then lets see if i am right or wrong

  7. sorry i commented the last post to the wrong window.


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