How to Sic Michael Moore on Your Insurance Company

My insurance company hung up on me last night. The events that led up to this started with my wife and I having a home birth with our youngestsicko-health-care-card.jpg daughter. With a home birth pretty much all of the expenses are out-of-pocket, then the insurance company reimburses you. Well, that’s been fine with all of the major expense which were reimbursed through my current provider. My previous provider however, has been a different story. I submitted an ultrasound claim 8 months ago to this insurance provider whose name I will withhold (UnitedHealthcare). I was told last week that my check was mailed to the doctor who provided the care originally. The ones we already paid!

So after a long “discussion” I was reassured that 8 months is a perfectly acceptable amount of time in which to settle a claim. Then the representative stated that she refused to debate with me any longer on the subject and then “click”. She hung up on me!

I think I’m going to need Michael Moore. Since his new documentary, SiCKO came out, he has been contacted by so many people who have been screwed by insurance companies that he came out with his own Health Care Card. The site gives the following instructions:

  1. Carry the card in your wallet with your insurance card.
  2. If denied treatment, show your SiCKO card to your doctor/insurer.
  3. Ask your insurer if they’d like to be in Michael Moore’s next movie, DVD, or appear on
  4. Tell them that, if denied, you will seek coverage from your local media.
  5. E-mail your story to

CLiCK here to download your very own SiCKO Health Care Card (PDF)

Has anyone else had problems getting reimbursed after submitting their own claim, or is it just me? Well, I’m giving them one last shot today and then I’m emailing America’s favorite propagandist.


10 responses to “How to Sic Michael Moore on Your Insurance Company

  1. clipedwingangel

    Make sure you record the call and place it on You tube! Let me know if I can help in any way.
    Reggie Cervantes

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  3. thetracksuitceo

    Great idea, Reggie. I’ll keep you posted and thanks for offering your support!

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  5. that sucks.

    i’m having a hard time with my insurance co (cigna) too. i had a home birth in nov. 2006 and am still trying to file exactly the “right” paperwork to get them to even acknowledge the claim. god knows if they’ll ever end up paying one red cent. i need to call them again this week to find out what the hold up is this time. blah.

  6. Insurance companies are under the delusion that we work for them, and not the other way around.

    Sadly, the operator was right in that 8 months is perfectly acceptable in terms of settling a claim. Did you contact the doctors office to ask if they had received that payment? They should have records of that. The easiest way might be for you to get the money from them.

    Having worked in healthcare for 11+ years, I have seen this all too often. Someone really needs to take insurance companies to task for their practices.

  7. thetracksuitceo

    I was very surprised with how efficient Blue Cross Blue Shield was. But you still need to call them almost daily. Congratulations on doing a home birth! A reimbursment from your insurance company is the least you deserve for what you went through.
    Good luck and keep me posted!

  8. I just called and they received the latest info I mailed, but said they still need the procedure codes for all services my midwife rendered. I swear they keep coming up with new crap every time I call them. Blah.
    Thanks for your encouragement. 🙂

  9. clippedwingangel has a good idea about YouTube – in this day and age we all need to know how to spread the word about bad corporations

    Does anyone know what simple equipment one would need to make a clip of yourself and record the phone call also – using a regular phone, not online?

  10. So if I’m understanding this correctly, what you’re saying is that you paid the doctor/ hospital cash for your ultrasound, then your doctor filed a claim with United for the service? That sounds like a billing error on the doctor’s part. I don’t think that United is going to sort that out for you — they pay whoever submits the claim first. You’re going to have to take it up with the doc. Although it was probably just a careless error in your doctor’s office, it’s fraudulent to accept full payment from you and from your insurance company. You could probably drop that word once or twice and have your refund post haste. Good luck!

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