Why You Should Watch Harry Potter at Least Twice

My daughter asked me, “Daddy, why do you always want to watch a different movie?” By this she meant, why don’t I like to watch the same movie with her over and over again. We have movie night with her every Friday and her mom and I always want to watch something new, “We love Snow White sweetie, but we watched it last week”. She’s like the boss from Theamelie-at-the-movies.jpg Office trying to make us watch the same episode of Entourage 4 weeks in a row!

But her question also made me wonder why we like to watch the same things again and again when we’re kids, but when we get older we watch it once and we’re done with it. I’m always trying to learn new things from the Braniac (her informal title), so I give the question some careful consideration. I think one of the reasons they rewatch the same movie is because they’re getting something new each time they watch it. Film critics and directors watch the same movies over and over. And they’re learning or observing something new each time (well, maybe not the critics).

As we grow up we observe less in general, we learn less. We watch a movie for the basics, we glaze over, and if we’re lucky we remember a few lines (unless the movie is Tommy Boy and then we’re unlucky if we remember a few lines). We aren’t picking up on the details, we aren’t soaking it all in. Remember on Amelie when she points out the fly that has made it into the movie she’s watching, she’s noticing details most of us would miss.

So what I’ve decided to do, the next time she asks me to watch one of those very familiar Disney movies with her, is tell her ‘it’s a date’. You should do the same, and I guarantee we’ll all learn something new.

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6 responses to “Why You Should Watch Harry Potter at Least Twice

  1. downhillnut

    My daughter is 11 and we still watch parts of cartoons over and over. We’ve actually gotten to the place where we can actually act out some of our favourite scenes in “Toy Story” and “Finding Nemo” verbatim.

    I always marvel at people who can quote Shakespeare or Tennyson, but I guess when something is meaningful, you make it stick with you. I think that’s what my daughter and I do with her movies.

  2. thetracksuitceo

    Downhillnut: Awesome way to bond with your little one and show them you’re interested in the same things they are.
    Pretty soon you’ll be acting out scenes from the OC, ha!

  3. Are you kidding? I watch movies over and over again like a little kid. I love movies. Esp. Disney movies, but I’m also a nut for Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Oh, and Little Women and Pride and Prejudice. And so much more.

    Sadly, my son is growing up too fast and doesn’t watch with me any more. Once is enough for him. 😦

  4. thetracksuitceo

    Don’t worry Kerstin, he’ll grow out of it. It’s just a phase!

  5. It is the same with a book. You will read it once. You like it and you learn things. You read it again. Again you like it, this time you get more from the book. You read it again, and the cycle continues.

  6. I guess I must still be a kid; I will go for weeks, possibly months, with the same DVD in the player, just playing it looped again and again and again. I know most of the words to every single DVD I own

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