3 Steps to Correct 50-80% of a Negative Credit Score

The TrackSuit family is looking for a house. It’s something we’ve always thought about, dreamed of, but a couple of yearshome-for-sale.jpg ago we found a beautiful house to rent here in East Austin. And the rent on the place is such a good deal that we put buying on the back burner.

Now, with the new addition in the family, we’re seeing that our small home will only contain us for so long. And we have to be careful about making our living quarters too close because as my wife always says, “Two oysters in one shell will begin cannibalizing each other”. On top of that, the market here on the East Side (and North, South and West) just keeps getting hotter. So we’ve come to the realization that our new house just isn’t going to buy itself and we have to start getting serious about it.

So the first step we’re taking is to repair the damage done before we became Cash Money Superstars. We’ve met with a credit rehabilitation specialist who does all the hard work for us.

  1. The Game Plan: She helps us understand what we should pay off first and how we should do it. Sometimes paying off a debt completely is not the best strategy as it will re-age the debt on your credit record.
  2. Legal Dispute Letters: According to her 50-80% of what is on your credit report is inaccurate in some way and it is almost always in a way that reflects negatively on your scores. So she sends the letters of dispute for us and follows up to make sure the credit agencies don’t try to stall us.
  3. Education & Empowerment: After the first phase of the process is complete she starts sending us to seminars and classes that show us the ins and outs of buying our first home.

You can bet that I’ll be sharing what I learn in this process with my beloved TrackSuit readers. And if anyone wants her contact info just shoot me an email.

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2 responses to “3 Steps to Correct 50-80% of a Negative Credit Score

  1. When I bought my first house, I took a course on being a first time home owner and it was immensely helpful. They discussed the ins and outs of paying your mortgage and what you should do if you find yourself unable to pay on time.

    Also, I learned a great deal about home owners insurance and how to make paying your mortgage work to your advantage on your credit score.

    I highly recommend all first time home buyers take a class like that. It is the best thing you can do for yourself.

    Good luck on getting your first home!

  2. thetracksuitceo

    Thanks Kerstin! I’ll hopefully learn all of these things, if not. I know who to contact!

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