Cure Office Boredom by Adopting a Cat Pic

iI can’t believe I’m doing this! I’m sending more traffic over to the idiot savants at I Can Has Cheezburger? And this isn’t the first time, recently I had my entire office on that cursedly cute site. My boss was about to tape a page from another coworker’s cat calendar to her office door. I couldn’t resist, I told her about Cheezburger and the other lolcats/lolpets. We then got the idea to each adopt a cat (or rabbit or guinea pig) and hang it on our office doors and guess what? Before I knew it, I was surrounded by lolcoworkers (did I just write that?). The place was filled with the energy of people finding searching for the right pet for their personality or suggesting fitting pets for others.

It was truly hilarious, I had to put my cynicism aside and I just sat there observing the outcome of the events I had set in motion. It really was priceless. To think a few weeks back I had been writing about how these cats could potentially ruin the English language and here I am turning my office on to them.

Now to make something like this work there has to be some strong leadership behind it. My boss was the first one to put a cat on her door, it was this one:


So if you happen to notice a slump in office energy, some low morale or decide that you and your coworkers need a team-building exercise, then you should send your folks to the #1 guilty pleasure site on the Net. Let the loling begin!

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14 responses to “Cure Office Boredom by Adopting a Cat Pic

  1. OK…this may make me sound retarded, but I don’t get that site. The cats are cute for sure, but what’s up with the language? Am I missing something?

  2. thetracksuitceo

    I don’t get it either, it’s ridiculous yet I can’t turn away or stop linking to them!
    I did read a little piece by a Harvard professor who studies famous talking animals (bugs bunny, mickey mouse) and noted that they all have strange voices or speech impediments.
    The lolcats certainly have that going for them!

  3. Well then…

    I’m still confused! LOL My question now is why on earth would a Harvard professor study famous talking animals? Seriously, there must be something much more pressing like say, solar energy, he could be spending his time on. 🙂

  4. I didn’t get the site, either, but now I’m totally addicted.

  5. Martza Majstoravich

    Check out the Bad Dogs or Bad Cats books. They are HELLarious.

  6. i so understand your pain 😉

  7. thetracksuitceo

    Guys: Thanks for not making fun of me!

    Martza: I can’t find the Bad Dogs/Cats books with a search. Got a link?

  8. I got those books at Border’s. They are freaking hysterical!

  9. Somewhere on the site there’s a guide to …uhhmm… Engrish, I think is what they call it. In case you want to pretend you get it.

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  11. I c a lawt of people saying I dun get teh language. You probeblies never w1ll. Th1s 1s somefing teh n3w g3n3®†10n will onleh understands. ROflcopter lolololol =D :p 😉 ;0 ;( >:0

  12. Ahh, you old people nawts understanding teh lolglish. You never will. Mooohowahahaha lolool

  13. Oh, but if you wantz 2 under5†4nd teh lol- language, buty a lolcat book, and go to lolcats. com…….. You should get it in noez times

  14. but lolcats are so funny

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