Who Else Wants to Coin a New Word?

Yesterday I was talking about the phenomena of forgetting someone’s name immediately after they are introduced to you. The wordurbandictionary.jpg name-nesia just came to me and I was pretty sure I had never heard it before. I just coined a word! Well, not so fast. I went to Urban Dictionary, of course, and I’ll be damned if it wasn’t already there but with a slightly-off definition. That’s okay, I added a new one (pending review).

My brilliant wife coined a new word for being fired from your job for breastfeeding (more on that in a later post). She’s following a 3 step process for getting the word out there.

  1. Define the word in Urban Dictionary: just register and submit
  2. Define the word in wikis: Wikipedia and create your own at PBWiki
  3. Blog about it: Use it as often as you can in your blog, your MySpace profile, just everywhere

Creating a Wikipedia entry can be pretty daunting but all the work has actually been done for you. Find a similar entry that you like, click the edit button next to it, and copy the whole thing, then paste it into your own entry. Edit from there, change the definition and references to suit your needs. There’s no need to learn any html or go too much into wiki etiquette. Hunter & Associates does a great post on why you need a wiki and how to get one going.

Ezra Pound always said “make it new” when it came to language (or was that Confucius?). We should always find ways to express ourselves more accurately and if it takes creating a new word to do it, well now you know how!

In the comments: Let me know if you’ve coined any words. If so, let me know and I’ll work them into a post.

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4 responses to “Who Else Wants to Coin a New Word?

  1. Thank you for posting your article. The new word that I coined is “karmapreneur”.

  2. Word Coiner

    I coined a new word just yesterday. We had some new neighbors, and my son kept asking when they would arrive. “Is that car our new neighbors?” “How about that one?” I got fed up after a while and said “When our newbers want to come, they’ll come.” I hadn’t realized I said “newber” until my son asked “Dad, what’s a newber?”

    I think newber should be a word.

  3. Radhika Chaturvedi

    Thank you. Your article was helpful. i want to get my new word approved with the Oxford. Can you suggest me a way?

  4. @Radhika there is no way that I know to get a word approved by Oxford without it first being in the public lexicon. So start by adding it to Urban Dictionary and using it in conversation and in your writing. What’s the word by the way?

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