Name Memorization Lesson from Flight of the Conchords

I was watching this Flight of the Conchords clip where a guy named Brian bumps into a girl named Jenny, but can’t remember her name (or anything about her) for the entire song. Never has nervous laughter been put to music more awkwardly or hilariously.

Being married to someone with an uncanny memory for names (and numbers, and directions, etc.) has it’s benefits, but it can also be very humbling. Just yesterday, in the middle of telling a story, I forgot the same person’s name twice. I had to be reminded of this person’s name two times in the span of 30 seconds! Don’t think I wasn’t chastised for that by my wife with her perfect memory.

For those of us who aren’t blessed with instant name recall, here’s a technique I use that usually helps me overcome these embarrassing episodes of name-nesia. When you’re introduced to someone and they tell you their name, see their name in your mind on paper. Visualize the letters and you should be able to recall it at a later date much easier. If you’re not sure how their name is spelled just ask them, having a grasp of the spelling is key for making this technique work.

And if you run into someone at the park and can’t, for the life of you, remember their name or face, you may not know them at all like our friend Brian.

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