How To Actually Get Hired For Your Blog

When I worked at the computer company whose name we must never mention I tried endlessly to get other jobs using mainly my trusty resume. Talk about disheartening! I got almost nowhere and wasted way too much time and Crane’s watermark paper. And when I would get a job interview, I was so desperate for a career change I’m sure it came across to the interviewer. Apparently, people don’t like to hire desperate candidates.the-blog.gif

I should have started a blog! Since I started this blog I have met the most interesting people, people I have a great deal in common with. I’ve also had people contact me about my online marketing services. I think this is amazing considering the few short weeks this blog has been up.

I’m not the only one who realizes the importance of having a blog. Recently Hunter and Associates did a piece on the importance of the blog in today’s business world called Let the Job Find You:

The resume, as Zoli Erdos says, is still a factor in employment, but the real story of you – who you dependably are – has probably been told much more authentically in your daily blog posts than in that carefully polished resume.

Yesterday Lifehack proclaimed that Your Blog is Your Resume and talked about how many employers will Google your name when considering you for employment. The blog doesn’t just help you with your job search. I am no longer looking for employment or a day job but I am always looking for marketing clients. My blog has helped me with this. More importantly, it’s connected me with a wonderful network of people who think like I do. This is the purpose of the Web 2.0 revolution: creating offline relationships through online networks.

So whatever you’re looking for, friends, clients, investors or employers, consider starting a blog. Keep it updated and keep it real. If you’re writing from your experience and from the heart, people will identify with what you write. We all know what happened to Dooce, Queen of Sky and Mark Jen from Google: they were all fired for their blogs. I just put in a panel proposal for the 2008 SXSW Conference, here in Austin, to have a discussion on how not to get Dooced or fired for your blog.

In the comments: Do you have any stories of people who were actually hired for their blog?

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4 responses to “How To Actually Get Hired For Your Blog

  1. heck of a job Trackie!

    Seriously, I was out last night all over the Web discovering new places to promote my own blog, and this morning it occurred to me, some of these people are people I’d like to offer my own efforts to, you know?

    it’s not even about a “job” for money so much as it is finding the most engaging situation to express your given talents and hard-earned skills – and do the most good. Money falls in behind.

    So that blog acts as a two way street: people don’t just find you, you find them also, and send them proposals.


  2. thetracksuitceo

    Thanks SacredWest!
    You should be on my SXSW panel!

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  4. thetracksuitceo

    Blog Experts: Merci de comporter mon blog sur votre site Web!

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