Spending Time With Your Family To Improve Business Skills

There was no post yesterday because the TrackSuit CEO was out of town for a wedding. When we go on road trips the TrackSuit family has a game we play with our 3 year old called Going On a Picnic and it goes like this: the first person says “I’m going on a picnic and I’m going to take a watermelon.” familyatplay.gif The next person says “I’m going on a picnic and I’m going to take a watermelon and some salami” and so on. Each person recalling all the previous items and adding a new one.

As we were playing it this time I realized how similar it is to a memorization technique I just read about on Lifehack. It’s called the Stacking Method and it entails you writing down a short sentence that you need to memorize, like a fact from the chapter of a book. Once you can recall the sentence without looking at it you add a new one. You keep doing this until you’ve memorized everything on the page.

Making the connection between these two activities really reinforces what the TrackSuit CEO believes about spending time with family: not only does it make you a better parent/spouse, it makes you a better person. By playing a game with my wife and child, I was honing my memorization skills in ways that make me better at all of my roles. Improving my memory and therefore, making me a better employee and entrepreneur.

I’ve always know the TrackSuit family keeps me on my toes, I didn’t know they could improve my memory too.

In the comments: Have you discovered any activities that you play with your family that make you sharper, more creative or more coordinated?

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