What You Should Know About Giving Thanks In Advance

This week I have been trying to sell my car and was having no luck at all. I’m selling it because I just don’t use it. I ride the bus to my day job and I use the commute time to write, read, plan my day and listen to music. I’ve become very fond ofvolvo.jpg our public transportation and decided that I’m ready to make a true commitment. So I put up the ad, but to no avail. Then I read a Message From the Universe in my inbox about giving thanks in advance. I realized that I had left out that very important step in making this happen. So I stopped and did it. I felt the feelings of deep gratitude, that little rush of excitement. And that was all I did. Within a few hours I got an email from my wife. She had totally reworked our Craigslist post. The new version was entitled: Volvo 240 DL Wagon + possible romance – $1750 and I knew it was just a matter of time before the emails started pouring in. And they did!

I realized that I just wasn’t letting things flow. I was annoyed with the process taking so long and was ready to just put a tarp over the thing when I changed my mindset. I changed how I felt about the process, felt the feelings I would feel if the car had already been sold and Voila! It also doesn’t hurt to be married to a rockstar, marketing goddess, food writer, wordsmith. I’m thankful for her too!

I’d really love to see this listing make the Best of Craigslist, so if you like it click the little Best Of button and I’ll let you guys know if it makes the list.


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