The 10 Commandments of Working From Home

Andy Hagans did a piece about the 10 Commandments of Web 2.0 where he taught us what he’s learned about the business using the lyrics of the Notorious B.I.G. I may end up writing a post for each commandment but for now…

Rule Number five: never sell no [insert product/service here] where you rest at, I don’t care if they want a ounce, tell em bounce.

This basically sums up how I feel about working from home. (And I live in East Austin, that should give me the street cred to quote Biggie.) Working from home is what I’ve always strived for and always worked for. It has always been my dream,10-commandments.jpg but when it finally happened it wasn’t exactly like I had imagined. I was home with my daughter when she was 2 years old and the experience helping raise her was incredible, but the work was brutal. I was trying to work during naptime and bedtime and I was getting clobbered. So after about 6 months I went back to an office job. It was great, it gave me structure to my day and still allowed me the time to pursue my various business ventures.

Then a local PR firm offered me the opportunity to do my online marketing from home for them. I turned them down. This was a great opportunity to be at home with my family and do something that I love. So why did I turn it down? Well, there are a lot of reasons. I learned some lessons about providing stability for my family and I think I’ve clinched a pretty steady sure thing with my day job. And besides that, I don’t think doing the actual work at home is good for productivity and it’s certainly not quality time with the family. The days when I attempt to work at home, I am fragmented and give half attention to both my work and my family. (Though, Lifehack just did a very appealing story on Co-working.)

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So for now I am living the double life of a fulltime employee and fulltime entrepreneur (oh, and blogger) and when 5 o’clock rolls around I can say yabba-dabba-doo like Fred Flintstone and go home knowing I’ve done a hell of a job for all of my bosses. Then when I get home I can focus on my real bosses, the TrackSuit Family.


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