Powerful Visualization Taught In Mushaboom

In the song Mushaboom by Feist she sings:

“Helping the kids out of their coats
Oh wait the babies haven’t been born”

She knows the importance of visualization. In this song she’s going through her daily routine with children she doesn’t even have yet.

The clearer your vision is of what you want, the quicker you will make that dream a reality. And when it does come true it will be freakishly close to your vision. I practice these visualizations in my life and I know they work. You can test it out pretty easily, I did fairly recently. I was walking across our University campus and was reminded of a certain professor that I had when I was a junior. I couldn’t remember his name so I decided to visualize his face with the goal in mind of remembering his name. Later that day I was looking for electronic versions of Leonardo Da Vinci’s notebooks (if you know some good ones please let me know!) when I saw what looked like a related search result. I clicked on the link and BAM! there he was. A big picture of my old professor on a page that had nothing to do with Leonardo himself. It was actually all about this big Dante project he was spearheading. My point is that I set out to find something completely unrelated and I quickly found the name I had asked for earlier that day.

If you’ve never tested this technique out then do it today. Email me or share your results in the comments. And if you have used visualization in your life then share your experience so other people will know how powerful it is. 2 important things to take away with you: (1.) Thoughts become things (2.) Mushaboom is probably the coolest video ever!


2 responses to “Powerful Visualization Taught In Mushaboom

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever tried visualization like this, but I know that when I’m having a tough time recalling something, or when I’m stuck on a problem, I find that if I stop thinking so hard about it, and concentrate on something completely unrelated, the answer will come to me. It’s weird how that works.

  2. thetracksuitceo

    Kerstin- You’re right, I guess all the answers are right there, we just need to get out of our own way sometimes.

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