Life With Limits

“You are on earth because in your loftiest state of being, perched high above the wonderment, at the pinnacle of your glory, you wondered what it would be like, even fleetingly, to believe in limits.”

A Message From the Universe

We humans strive for limits. We push ourselves to test our limitations and this isn’t just done in the Olympics or on Mt. Everest. We place new limitationsnolimits.gif on ourselves every day. Have you ever felt like you self-sabotage your efforts? You almost accomplish some goal and then something instantly happens that pushes it just beyond your reach. Well, I would like to encourage you not to think of it as self-sabotage but as self-limitation.

We all need limits, and we’ve needed them since we were youngsters. Over the weekend the TrackSuit family was visiting relatives and we were all sitting at the dinner table. My 3 year old asked to get up and I told her to wait until her cousin was done and they could be excused together to go play. So I get into the family conversation and then hear a voice behind me. Here comes my daughter rolling around the corner on her cousins toy bus, pushing herself along with her feet like a little Fred Flinstone. And she says, “Dad, I got up!”

It probably would have been a little while before I realized that my order (plea?) had been disobeyed. But, she needed me to know she got up because she knows she needs limitations and structure. She needs to know that certain things in her life can be trusted to be consistent so she can focus on others and grow and learn.

Why do some people have more than you do? More money, more friends, more time? It’s because they haven’t put the same limitations on those things that you have. Or they have just put limitations on other things in their life. So the trick is placing healthy limitations on yourself. Create structure in your life. Get up at the same time every morning. Work out every day. Anything that is in your power to control, try to put some kind of healthy structure to it. The more you consistently organize the things you can control the more you will be able to relax about other things. You will free your mind and spirit to conquer other more lofty things, like keeping your daughter at the dinner table.

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