This Life Lesson Brought To You By Super Target

Yesterday the TrackSuit family was out shopping (at Super Target) when my 3 year old daughter found a dress that she absolutely had to have. It was pink with a logo of some sort on it and she absolutely had to have it. Mom had something different in mind for her so was not interested in buying. And being 3 my daughter only had $7 in her My Little Pony wallet (not bad for a kid who only makes $3 a week). So I had what I thought was a brilliant idea when I suggested that we hide it for her so it would be there when we came back. She was into it and this seemed to solve all of our problems. Shortly after finding a clever hiding place somewhere in the infant department I started to realize that this really wasn’t such a good idea. Not only would it cause an inventory discrepancy for the poor shop employees but it also sends out the wrong message.skulldress.jpg

Lately I’ve really been trying to focus on Abundance. The belief that there is more than enough of what you want in the world. More than enough money, more than enough love and more than enough pink princess dresses. By hiding that dress I was not sending out a message of abundance, I was sending out a message of scarcity. I caught myself and a few minutes later when she tried to hide something else I explained to her that she didn’t need to. If she didn’t get it now then she could get it when she came back. It takes a bit of faith on our parts and goes pretty much against human nature but you should try it sometime. Try it with your time. The next time you get up a little later than you like just decide that you have more than enough time to get where you need to go. Circumstances will work in your favor and you will find that you have more than enough time. I shouldn’t have to remind you of what happens when you wake up in a rush. You are so focused on lateness that you are almost always late or you arrive with not a second to spare. Wouldn’t you rather have more than enough time?

Well, I got a chance to apply the principle of Abundance not even an hour later. We picked up some groceries and got out to the car, realizing we hadn’t paid for the eggs on the bottom shelf of the cart. So how do you react in that situation? You’ve got 2 kids out shopping, you certainly don’t want to spend any more time in line than you absolutely have to and besides, who doesn’t like free groceries? But I decided that if I didn’t pay for those eggs I would be sending out a big message of scarcity to the Universe. I would be saying that I don’t have the time, money or integrity to go back into the store and shell out a few bucks. Well, my oldest and I went back in to find that there was no line at all. No one noticed that we had left without the eggs and the checkout guy didn’t seem to understand my brief explanation of what happened. It didn’t matter because I didn’t do it for him. I did it for me and to be a good example for my little one. And I guarantee, if we come back and she decides she still wants that dress, it will be there.


2 responses to “This Life Lesson Brought To You By Super Target

  1. When we were little, my brother used to hide stuff in the store so he could come back later and get it. That was his version of “Lay – a – Way.”

    Growing up in America, where everything is at your beck and call can be a very disheartening experience when you discover certain things are not “always” available and you feel as if you must get it RIGHT NOW! But if you step back and survey the situation, you’ll discover things are always available and there’s not need for panic.


  2. America is a great place to practice abundance – Kerstin your point is so great, that even in this paradise we’ll always find ways to feel the anxiety of being…hmm, forsaken I guess is the word.

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