How To Set Up a Family Wiki

My darling wife and I have been trying to coordinate our calendars lately. I use Gmail and Google calendar and pretty much everything else by Google I can get my hands on (except Blogger which sucks). She uses Yahoo! and an offline calendar. So how do we get synched up? We tried using Cozi but sometimes I’m on a Mac and the desktop stuff on Cozi isn’t made for a Mac. I love the idea of Cozi though, it’s made by software developer dads who wanted a way to organize their family life a little

So I came up with the idea of a family wiki. Recently I started a PB Wiki for another project and I think it’s the brave new way to collaborate.

With a Wiki you can:

  • Share a calendar
  • Chat
  • Share info, ideas and links
  • Alter Wiki-ality

All free!

And you can get notification of updates to the wiki by email or RSS feed. So this means that you can have a wiki for every collaboration in your life, including family which is the most important collaboration of all. Now the really revolutionary thing you can do with your wiki is go public. I’m considering sharing the wiki for my other project collaboration with the public. It’s a pretty revolutionary idea to share everything you’re doing and learning and just basically letting it all hang out.

Gerard McGarry from YOUmoz claims that “Wiki’s are almost at the point blogs were 3-4 years ago.” Which basically implies that they’re the next big thing. So what better time to open your family up to all kinds of Web 2.0 scrutiny and unsolicited child-rearing advice!

Start here: PB Wiki and if you really do seriously make a family Wiki let me know and I’ll feature it.

One response to “How To Set Up a Family Wiki

  1. How are your Web 2.0 initiatives coming along? And the family wiki? Last year I migrated our family wiki to Google sites, it’s fabulous and was well worth the effort, it is the collaboration tool of the future – and with Google Wave coming around the corner … the possibilities are endless! Good luck with your endeavors Tracksuit CEO!

    inetbug 2.0

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