Never Give Your Horse/Business More Attention Than You Give Your Wife

As some of you may know, I was born in west Texas where witty cowboy sayings are kind of ingrained into you from the second you’re born. And while some of those sayings have caused me a little grief from my more urban friends and colleagues, there’s one that I hold pretty close to my heart.

“Never give your horse more attention than you give your wife, unless you like sleeping in the barn.”cowboy.jpg

Now since you most likely don’t have a horse, I’ll use the horse as an analogy for your business/work. When I was a real estate agent in NYC I helped a lot of middle-aged guys find apartments. These were successful businessmen with families and they were all newly divorced. After spending a few minutes with them I could see why. This is how they spent their time when we were trying to find them a bachelor pad:

  • 75% of their time on the phone
  • 25% of their time on their Crackberry
  • 10% of their time telling me they wanted to see more apartments

Now you may ask why there’s that extra 10%. Well, you know these guys all give 110%! Except when it comes to their family. And for that reason they find themselves with a blossoming career and a wilting marriage. And in this analogy they aren’t sent out to the barn, but they are sent out to the Lower East Side 3rd floor walk up. I’m not sure which is worse but at least in the barn you have some livestock to keep you company.

Keep the comments/emails coming. I am loving all the feedback I’m getting from other enlightened breeders.

3 responses to “Never Give Your Horse/Business More Attention Than You Give Your Wife

  1. This is interesting. Though I’m not a breeder, I do a lot of work with my sister. There are times when I just stop, mid-sentence, until she realizes I’m not talking anymore.

    She’ll look up from her Blackberry (finally) and say, bewildered, “What?” (translation: why’d you stop talking?)

    Usually she doesn’t even know what I was saying anyway. We refer to this as her giving me her “Complete Divided Attention”.

    I have strict rules now about the presence of her Blackberry during our interactions. Technology has turned us into information crack whores and we’re not always better for it.

    I understand her zest for her business (I can identify as I, too, own my own business) but balance is important – and quality relationships are probably more important to being successful than instantaneously returned emails.

  2. I’ve married Dr. Phil with hair. Oh my Lord!

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