Our First Book Review: Introduction to NLP

We just got our first review from Chris, thanks for kicking things off!

If you have a business system/self-improvement book, blog, etc. then send in your own review here. The reviews page features reviews by TrackSuit CEO readers and reviews by the TrackSuit CEO himself.

Here is Chris’s review:

Book Review: Introduction to NLPintro-to-nlp.jpg


Submitted by: Chris

Book: Introduction to NLP – Joseph o Connor &; John Seymour

URL of Resource:
www.thorsonselement.com (publishers)

Focus: Self development

Price: $17

(What was your experience? Successes, disappointments): Useful, accessible first step to NLP – covers confidence building, goal setting, and easy enough to read on the underground.

Rate It!
On a scale of 1 to 5: 4

Easy to Understand
(1=no 5=yes): 4 – Occasionally gets a bit technical

Easy to Use
(1=no 5=yes):3 – Can be a bit tricky to re-visit useful sections quickly

Would you use it daily?
(1=no 5=yes):3 – More of a textbook than a day-to-day reference, but one that’s worth keeping on the shelf for another read.

(1=worst 5=best): 5

Inspiration (1=least 5=most): 4

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