How To Learn From Your Father’s Mistakes on Father’s Day

[or Grandfather’s mistakes in this case]

I spent this last week in my small west Texas hometown. I was there for a variety of reasons, but I shortly began to focus on just one thing.

My grandfather is one of those people who I identify closely with. We have similar personalities, many friends, few enemies and we’re both eternally optimistic. But recently he’s voiced regrets about his past. My grandmother has had to go into assisted living and is no longer living at home with him. She’s not able to have a live-in nurse because of the expense associated with it. And that’s where the regret comes in. He said ruefully, “If I hadn’t blown all my money in real estate I’d be able to have her here with me”.


That is a tough thing to hear from one of the strongest men in my life. And without coming straight out and asking, I spent the weekend asking gently probing questions. Trying to figure out where it all went wrong. Now granted, it didn’t all go wrong. He’s in relatively good health, has a beautiful home, and is surrounded by children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren who love him. But this is a man who was born to rule the world. He knows people on virtually every step of the social ladder and has the best face-to-face networking skills since Lyndon Johnson. I wanted to know how a man like this could find himself faced with such regret. What lessons are there for me to take away? I’ve learned a lot from my own mistakes but, as a young man, I know there’s so much more I can learn from him: a man with a lifetime of experience.

So what did I learn? I learned that my grandfather left a very promising career, where he was the rising star, to go into business. I gathered the reason he left had to do with the promise of great wealth. I know I’ve been there and there’s nothing wrong with seeking wealth, especially when you have a rapidly growing family like he did. I think the real problem has to do with suppressing your passion to pursue that wealth. If you do something solely for the money then something funny happens; you put out a message of scarcity to everyone around you without knowing it. And when you do that the wealth just doesn’t come.

So I think I learned a very important lesson from one of the most revered men in his community and in my life: pursue your passion and the entire Universe will line up behind you. Everything will just flow, the money, the love and the general abundance.

So go for it! Think about all of the things in your life and figure out what it is that gives you the most energy. That is also what will give you the most wealth.

And Happy Early Father’s Day from one conscious breeder to another.


One response to “How To Learn From Your Father’s Mistakes on Father’s Day

  1. Over the years, I have celebrated this day with my own father and, on several occasions, my grandfathers as well. They are all great men and have taught me more in life than any book or school ever did. Regrets, mistakes, successes, joys and sorrows all make up who we are as individuals.

    It sounds like you had a wonderful grandfather.

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