How To Create Your Own Universe in One Easy Step

Deepak Chopra has made my life very difficult lately. He was being interviewed about his new book by, none other than Stephen Colbert. Deepak made an assertion that I had heard before by quantum physicists and also on the film What the Bleep, but this time it really struck home. Deepak told Stephen that there is just one reality; Stephen’s reality. Now before you think too much about how scary Stephen Colbert’s reality must be (and never mind that he offered $5 to the first person to change “reality” on Wikipedia), realize the same applies to you. Yours is the only reality. There is a reason you are reading this blog of mine. In fact, if you go by what Chopra is saying, then you’ve created me to serve some purpose in your life and existence. Maybe I’m here to entertain, educate or just amuse you. Maybe I’m just here to make your life more difficult, the way Deepak Chopra made mine. The point is that everything you’re seeing and experiencing is all your creation. You’re entire reality has been created by you and it is fully in your control.lifeafterdeath.jpg

Now how does that make you feel? Powerful, confused, worried? Well, it made me feel sick at my stomach. First of all because I know it’s true, deep down inside (and so do you). Secondly, it requires me to take full responsibility for everything in my universe. Now stop for a second and let it all sink in, if you can stand it. You are the Master of the Universe. Do you look around at your world and see things you don’t like? Then do something about it or just simply change the way you think about it.

Does it make you feel lonely? I know it sure made me feel that way. If mine is the only reality then is my family just some hologram I’ve created? Well, I don’t believe that. I believe that all of the people you interact with, you are experiencing in a very real way. But their reality does not affect you. They have no control over you. You have total control over them even if you don’t feel like you do. If you have a loving spouse then it is because you have loved. You attracted and created the people in your life and it is up to you keep that love going.

So how do you create your own Universe in one easy step? Well, that’s kind of a trick question, because you already created it. Now you just have to come to grips with that reality.

Every day I get a Message From the Universe in my inbox and the tagline at the bottom says:

Thoughts become things…choose the good ones.

So keep up those good, creative, loving, empowering, badass thoughts!

2 responses to “How To Create Your Own Universe in One Easy Step

  1. This post is a great reminder about the control that we have (and sometimes deny by means of handy cop-out) and our power to make meaningful change in our own lives.
    Great post. Love it.

  2. In reality, I’m lazy. In my dreams I’m a rock star at everything…now how to combine the two.

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