The TrackSuit Manifesto

Before you use the tools, read the blog or read any of the reviews answer me these questions:

  • Do you worry that your financial goals conflict with your bohemian ideals?
  • Are you trying to balance: your family, your day job and various other business ventures?
  • Have you ever read a financial success book hidden inside a copy of The Onion?
  • Does your inner cynic make you feel guilty for all of the optimism you’ve been feeling lately?
  • Do you listen to The Postal Service and Jack Canfield?

Yeah, me too. The good thing is we’re not the only ones. I really get the feeling that we’re in the middle of a new Renaissance. I can see it everywhere I look; people are awakening to the unlimited possibilities within themselves. We’re realizing that we don’t have to do things the way our parents did them. We don’t have to wear khakis (hence the tracksuit), we don’t have to keep the same career for the rest of our lives and we don’t have to sacrifice the things we love to do just to make a living. And as Andy Hagans puts it:

“he just looks at the monkeys in the cubicles next to him, and thinks, I know there’s something better out there.”

In fact, we’ve discovered that those of us who do the things we love, most of the time, are more successful than the poor fools out there working for the weekend. And we’ve realized that creativity is not just a pastime, but is the fuel for success in every area of our lives.

And what about your family? TrackSuit CEO has a day job, is married and has 2 kids. And he spends lots of time with them. I’ll never endorse any system that doesn’t emphasize the importance of family. In fact, I attribute all of my success so far to the energy and drive that my family gives me.

So try to silence your inner cynic (they’re just jealous anyway) and get in touch with the new optimism. I need your help because this is a collaboration between the TrackSuit CEO and the readers of this blog.

We all get healthier, happier, wealthier and more interesting together.


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